Floor Cleaning and Floor Maintenance Services


The Dirty Little Secret That Floor Care Companies Don’t Want You To Know…

Every business needs their floors cleaned thoroughly to properly promote their brand image, attract new customers and clients and maintain a healthy and clean work environment. Even professional offices, medical offices, schools, daycares, and other companies routinely need regular floor cleaning care to help minimize wear and tear, reduce damage and ideally eliminate expensive floor repair or replacement.

Especially facilities that experience high traffic wear on their floors have an even greater need for schedule, professional floor cleaning and maintenance. What you may not realize is that the finish on your hard floors can wear down very quickly and remove any protective coating and dull the look of your floors. Over time your hard floors experience spills and scratches from boxes, chairs and equipment being dragged across them. Even hand trucks, dollies, carts and wheelchairs wear down your hard floors over time. This often leads to costly floor repair or replacement jobs for your business.


Protect Yourself From Being BURNED By Floor Care Companies
Who Over-Represent Their Skill Level

Surprisingly, not every flooring company is trained and prepared to maintain your floors. Proper hard floor care methods such as strip and refinish, scrub and re-coat, burnishing, scrub and recover requires professional training and expertise. When your cleaner does not have this training and expertise, they can actually damage your floor!

Common mistakes we’ve seen include leaving behind a gummy, tacky residue that attracts more dirt, floors looking dingy, dirty and dull and too few layers of finish that wear down very quickly leaving your floor surface exposed.

For Hard Floor Care We Use:

  • Machine Scrubbing
  • Scrub and Re-coating
  • Strip and Refinishing

For Carpet Care We Use:

  • Spot Removal
  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Encapsulation Cleaning

"Dave, we're very happy with the job you did on our carpet. We'd be happy to recommend your services anytime!"

Sherrie Lynch
Edmonton, Alberta

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With over 31 years experience and more than 1,000 happy clients, you can trust us to handle all of your office and retail cleaning needs. Solve your office and retail cleaning problems today with one simple call and experience the The Swinton ‘Office Cleaning 360’ System for yourself.

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Everywhere Business Owners Are Raving About: The Swinton ‘Office Cleaning 360’ System!

The Swinton ‘Office Cleaning 360’ System is effective, thorough, professional, and long lasting. Office environments require careful dusting and wiping, floor care, thorough restroom cleaning and trash removal. One-size-fits-all cleaning does not work for all businesses. Some offices have lobbies and conference rooms that are frequently used by customers and visitors; areas that are rarely used, such as unoccupied office space; call centers with hundreds of cubicles and phones; glass that needs to be cleaned monthly; or special equipment that needs care.

We customize a cleaning schedule based on your workspace, current business needs and budget. We get to know you and your business’s needs to perfectly understand what is most important to you so that the cleaning consistently meets your expectations.

Our Swinton ‘Office Cleaning 360’ System:

  • Removes 99.97% of bacteria, allergens and dust from your environment
  • Prevents the spreading of viruses and bacteria throughout your work environment
  • Uses the most efficient and effective methods and techniques
  • Is ‘green’ and environmentally responsible
  • Is performed professionally and at a price that fits comfortably into your budgets