How to Dramatically Improve Your Indoor Air Quality and Get Rid of Sick Building Syndrome

In any building it will be of the utmost importance to make sure that you are avoiding what is commonly known as ‘sick building syndrome’. Contrary to popular belief, that does not mean the building itself is sick. Actually, what you have is a building that tends to make those who enter it sick. There are some who will be utterly immune to it, and then there are those who will become sick at the very sight of your building. The problem, of course, is air quality. There are certain environmental solutions you can enact to fix the problem, even if it means hiring a commercial cleaning company.

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Start at the Floor

The first thing you will need to do of course is make sure you maintain a clean carpet. You can start by having a cleaning company cleanse your halls when the building is closed for the evening, and you will find this to be both beneficial and cost effective. A good deep cleaning or even a low-flow cleaning will help your carpet to remain allergen free as well as stain free. Sometimes, appearance really is everything!

Keep the Dust Out

Carpeted floors are not the only factor in your environmental solutions. A commercial cleaning company would advise you to make sure you remove any dust from your tile or work surfaces using a damp wiping process instead of simply moving the dust around with your duster. The damp wiping process consists of dampening a microfiber cloth with an environmental non toxic cleaning solution. Many business owners seem to make the mistake of going at it with a duster, which only serves to move the dust around, thereby contributing to the allergen problem.

In addition, it can scratch good furniture as it sends fine pieces of grit moving across the surfaces. Sometimes the best of intentions create the greatest problems. Using environmental solutions for damp wiping not only removes the dust/dirt it also removes poisonous residue from other cleaning products left behind on surfaces.

Work your Way Up

There are several different factors for you to consider in your environmental solutions, and the first one is your heating/air conditioning system. The filters and ductwork need to be cleaned and replaced if necessary, and this is often neglected in a commercial setting. Filters do a fine job of capturing dirt and dander, but they will not be able to do so if they are clogged.

AKeeping filters and ductwork clean is a sure fire way to keep the allergens out of the air and the people safely inside, breathing safe, clean air. An easy way to visually guage your air quality is to take a look at the air intakes and waffle grates in your ceiling... if they are dirty a thorough cleaning would immediately improve your air quality . Keeping dust, dirt and allergens out of your air will go a long way to improving the health of your building and the air you breathe while at work.

As always, it would be a good idea to utilize environmental solutions to remove the dirt and dust rather than resorting to what could amount to harmful, poisonous or even deadly chemicals. Keeping your workplace clean means eliminating all problems rather than simply replacing one problem with another. Consider hiring a commercial cleaning company that are expert in environmental solutions to take this responsibility off of your shoulders permanently.

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