Restaurant Deep Cleaning Services Edmonton Tips

Restaurant Deep Cleaning Services Edmonton Tips


Restaurant Deep Cleaning Services Edmonton Tips


Cooker Hoods

The extractor hood is one vital piece of kitchen equipment, which can gather fat and bacteria over time. Steam cleaning is the best and most hygienic method for cleaning your hoods during regular kitchen cleaning maintenance, but the wire mesh must be cleaned with warm soapy water. This technique can also work with a detachable net for all extractor hoods.

Some extraction fans use paper filters that absorb grease and dirt. In this case, remove this and discard the old filter and clean the remaining parts before providing a replacement.

Once all filters are removed, soak and scrub objects with non-abrasive brushes to not damage the surfaces and allow them to air dry for the best hygienic practice.

Polish all stainless-steel surfaces with a microfiber cloth to prevent damage to the stainless surface. For best kitchen cleaning results, using heavy commercial cleaning products will give you a longer ending, like the green cleaning chemicals that we use at Swinton Building Services.


Fryers and Grills

Your deep fryer and grills can be a fire hazards when too much fat and oil build up. Isolate the appliance from the socket and drain the oil into a bowl. Remove all the baskets, filters, hangers and tank racks to clean one by one. Wipe the insides with paper towels to ensure that all the oils are absorbed. Use wets sponges and warm soapy water to clean the insides of your fryer.

Over time, grills do accumulate hardened deposits of blackened carbon, which can be hard to remove. When your schedule allows, leave your grills soaked overnight in soapy water and scrub them clean. However, as time is a factor, use a professional kitchen cleaning company like Swinton Building Services to lift any hardened matter and then clean your grills, so they look good as new.



Your restaurant's restrooms should be inspected and cleaned every hour. "Points of contact" such as handles, switches, and faucets, are also important to clean as these are prone to spreading bacteria, where people touch the fittings. Use disposable wipes for this task as they are hygienic. Otherwise, you can spread the germs instead of killing them.

A commercial kitchen cleaning company knows clean facilities are crucial for more positive customer experiences and is important to create cleaning schedules which focus heavily on this area of your buildings to prevent any germs and bacteria.


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