Restaurant Cleaning Services Edmonton | Hood Cleaning Services Edmonton| Best Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Companies

Restaurant Cleaning Services Edmonton & Hood Cleaning Services Edmonton| Best Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Companies


Deep cleaning for commercial kitchens has become essential, mainly because of the high standards associated with it. Kitchen cleaning is different from daily cleaning or even cleaning by staff. They aim to completely remove the bacteria and use the latest equipment to reach each sensitive area using the best green cleaning chemicals

Dirty kitchens put your customers at risk through food-borne diseases and present a high risk of fire due to dirty cleaning hoods. And if your kitchen is not cared for ( commercial kitchen deep cleaning )in full accordance with all state and federal laws, your restaurant may be fined or closed until the problem is sorted, yet more damaging is your reputation.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning in Edmonton

Clean exhaust systems reduce the fire risk in the restaurant and are one of the main defenses against many fire hazards in a commercial kitchen. The regular cleaning and maintenance of your hood and your exhaust system is a regular cleaning.

Clean exhaust systems are more efficient at removing odors from a restaurant’s kitchen and helps keep your kitchen crew cool and comfortable, promoting human performance to support your Edmonton AB area restaurant business.

Kitchen Hood Deep Cleaning

  • Interior and exterior of kitchen hoods deep cleaned
  • Grease Removal throughout all your hood and exhaust systems
  • Removal and replacement of filters if needed
  • Cleaning of all restaurant exhaust ductwork where accessible
  • Thorough cleaning of exhaust fans


Our Commercial Cleaning services covers the following:

  • Your choice of - Daily or Evening cleaning to cover Commercial Restaurant Cleaning Services
  • All Public Restroom sanitizing & deep cleaning
  • All your Staff rooms cleaned and sanitized
  • All Trash removal
  • Efficient restaurant dusting with damp cloth wiping
  • Vacuuming of interior and exterior restaurant dining areas
  • Mopping and drying of kitchen floors

Restaurant Cleaning Services in Edmonton

Commercial Cleaning Services Companies, are they the same?

  • All of our professional deep cleaning crews are security checked.
  • Detail oriented cleaning approach with our superior “360 cleaning system”
  • Satisfaction guaranteed as standard
  • Rigid hiring processes and selection
  • Our staff perform all Commercial Cleaning Services (no sub-contractors)

Hood Cleaning Services Edmonton today

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