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Our post-construction practices can also be used for cleaning trade shows or the larger events where rubbish may have accumulated, concert venues, garden weddings are prime examples.

Clean-up operations in construction can take nearly as long as the construction yet needs to be conducted quickly, efficiently and safely it is post construction cleaning.

Post Construction Cleaning is carried out when your property has had a major remodeling project and the area has been left with rubble, and disruption caused by construction can have a major effect on business operations

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Over the past 28 years, our post construction cleaning teams have been helping thousands of clients.

Our vetted security checked crews are highly proficient in this form of cleaning which uses the best HVAC cleaning systems and the best green cleaning chemicals to allow them to help them clear post construction areas both quickly and without causing any further disruption to your operations. They also have knowledge of state laws which may still be in place for the disposal of any larger items that remain

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They have industrial vacuums remove dust and small particles, this prevents spreading and is much quicker than a brooms. As part of our service for construction cleaning our workers will perform a deep clean of the area and will remove and sanitize all the surfaces including the ones that cannot be seen by the naked eye.


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