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Swinton Building Services is equipped to clean vast ranges of facilities no matter the size. Your needs are of the primary importance, so whatever cleaning schedule you have, we will work with you rather than you catering to us.

Benefits of Working with Swinton Building Services

  1. Safe, Clean and Healthy Environment
  2. Personalized and custom janitorial service solutions
  3. Efficient and green cleaning and eco-friendly approach
  4. Dedicated management planning and support
  5. Highly advanced safety and training programs for janitorial service

Our office cleaning in Edmonton uses the Swinton Business Solutions “Office Cleaning 360’ system”, the best green cleaning and eco-friendly chemicals available are used, safe for the environment and humans, so there is little chance contamination or allergic reactions.

Commercial Office Cleaning in Edmonton

SWINTON BUILDING SERVICES has much staff who are highly skilled in Office Cleaning and are highly flexible in their operations.

Our specialist cleaners happen to be trained and certified in using all these chemicals and equipment so that they can perform their duties to the best of the abilities.

Commitment to Excellence Swinton Building Services

High Expertise and all janitorial services performed by our staff.

A vast array of cleaning services

Highly efficient cleaning approach including our “360 cleaning system.”

Selective selection and hiring processes

We believe Office Cleaning Services should not cost a fortune and have many packages of Office Cleaning Services which fit any budget which you are working with. We can comfortably accommodate any working schedule that you currently follow,

Office Cleaning activity

Our staff are highly flexible and work any shift or schedule pattern you require to complete your commercial office cleaning in Edmonton, your building will be left clean and germ-free with no disruption to your operations.


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Our cleaning experts are awaiting your call on 780-939-2799 and can be contacted 24 hours per day and 365 days per year. Alternatively, you can contact us through our website Swinton Building Services.


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