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Office Cleaning Services in Edmonton | Affordable Office Cleaning

Do you ever think your workers have low determination? And on average, workers have 7 sick days per year? You think this is related with their job, but there might be additional simple reasons for this.

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Cleanliness is one of the main explanations for this happening, and when it is below par, it disturbs one and all. There are certain zones which are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, these can include, telephones, elevator buttons, water fountains, computer keyboards and some surfaces in a restroom, together with even the door handles.

To help battle all of these and many more Swinton Building Services has announced their 360-cleaning system which can rid all of these surfaces of germs and much more as well. Our cleaning staff, know how to clean methodically and have access to the best biodegradable green cleaning chemicals which are tough on germs yet kind to humans and the environment. They contain no harmful VOC’s and have been verified safe in food preparation areas.

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Swinton Building Services can also deliver an affordable solution to all your cleaning needs, this can relieve many of the headaches for extra training, machinery, equipment or the purchase and storage of cleaning chemicals. No matter what size your establishment, we can fulfill your needs while keeping you well within your cleaning budget.

Our staff are also very flexible and can work whatever shift or schedule patterns you currently have; your building can be left in a healthy and clean condition without any major disruption to your daily operations.

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