Janitorial Cleaning Services in Edmonton | Highly Affordable & Highly Efficient


Janitorial Cleaning Services in Edmonton | Highly Affordable & Highly Efficient

                                        Janitorial Cleaning Services in Edmonton


Stop!!! Don’t just wait for us to come to you. Seize the day and get something out of it.

We are confident that if you Visit Swinton Building Services & Sign up today. You can receive one FREE cleaning, and you will keep coming back to us. For over three decades our Edmonton Janitorial Services has been second to none. We have put our customers and their cleaning services first as you would expect.

Swinton Building Services can give Highly Affordable & Highly Efficient cleaning to your business, With Swinton Building Services, our team will provide professional janitorial cleaning services in Edmonton and your surrounding areas such as window cleaning, wall cleaning, floor cleaning, skylight cleaning, post-construction cleaning and many other services.


Edmonton Janitorial Services & Beyond

We are very proud at Swinton Building Services and the range of services we provide to our customers. Some of the customers we typically cater for are:

Office Buildings | Construction Sites | Department Stores | Industrial Facilities …and more.


That is just some of the areas we provide Edmonton Janitorial Services, but there is much, much more:

Carpet cleaning | Window cleaning |Floor stripping and waxing |Post construction cleaning …and others!

Swinton Building Services will always consult with you to create your personal plan that covers every little detail. Individual janitorial cleaning problems. Can be quickly resolved Swinton cleaning staff would be delighted to give you a demonstration on how our works by checking a sample area for you.

For further information on our specialist cleaning services including Office Cleaning, Retail Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning Services, Restaurant Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, Green Cleaning, Construction Cleaning, Carpet Care, Floor Care and Window Cleaning Services in Edmonton AB.

Please contact our cleaning services experts in Edmonton on 780 – 939 – 2799 who can be reached 24 hours per day and 365 days per year.

Alternatively, To view full information on our Janitorial Services, PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE



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