Janitorial Cleaning Services in Edmonton Affordable & Professional

Janitorial Cleaning Services in Edmonton Affordable & Professional


Swinton Building Services & Restrooms

Toilets are the sign of the cleanliness of the rest of your business. No staff member, customer or guest wants to use a dirty bathroom. It is critical to the health and safety of your customers, employees, and guests to clean and sanitize your bathrooms at all times. At Swinton Building Services bathroom cleaning is one of our specialties and an area where attention to detail matters most. Green cleaning chemicals are used in all of our cleaning services.


  • Daily trash can be empty, including sanitary napkin receptacles
  • Inside and out sanitizing of toilet bowls, urinals & Sinks
  • Cleaning and sanitizing counter-tops & any showers
  • Spot cleaning and sanitizing restroom walls and partitions
  • Cleaning and polishing mirrors, faucets, light fixtures and other shiny surfaces
  • Full sweeping and mopping & sanitizing of the floor


Food Areas

It is critical to keep your facility's break room immaculate for the health of your staff. The break room must be cleaned and cleaned professionally.

Also, microwave ovens, toaster ovens, refrigerators and other appliances in the room that the staff uses will be cleaned and disinfected by Swinton Building Services. We use professional cleaning equipment and eco-friendly chemicals to clean break rooms and lunch.

Basic Janitorial Services from Swinton Building Services

  • Daily emptying all trash and recycling materials - trash and recycle containers wiped down once emptied.
  • Disinfecting tables, chairs, countertops and any other surfaces that have human contact
  • Disinfecting and wiping door knobs, push plates and kick plates, faucets
  • Sweeping and mopping the floor & vacuuming carpets and mats
  • Polishing glass doors and glass partitions

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