Janitorial Cleaning Services Edmonton AB |Industrial cleaning Edmonton

Janitorial Cleaning Services Edmonton AB |Industrial Cleaning Edmonton

Janitorial Services Edmonton by SBS

Janitorial Services Contract Cleaner do you need a new one?

Don't worry about a dirty office anymore, Swinton Building Services is here to help solve all your problems. Fully committed to delivering the highest quality industrial, commercial and janitorial cleaning services when they are most needed. Regardless of the time of day, we are ready to clean every corner and crevice and keep your workplace in tip-top condition.


Why we give superior janitorial services results

  • All cleaners are security checked and cleared
  • High-Efficiency green cleaning approach with our “360 cleaning system”
  • Satisfaction guaranteed as standard
  • Selective hiring processes and selection with Our own staff perform all janitorial Services


Swinton Building Services can bring your place back up to the level you desire. Many customers require detailed cleaning to get their business back up to standard before regular janitorial cleaning services in Edmonton begin. This is called an Initial Clean.

We have heard the complaints before and we hear them every day.

Janitorial Cleaning in Edmonton AB by Swinton

Janitorial services what we bring to the table

  • Responsible Evening cleaning for office cleaning services
  • Restroom Cleaning deep cleaning and sanitizing
  • Break room and canteen green cleaning plus sanitation
  • Trash removal with green cleaning methodologies
  • Dusting and damp cloth wiping to prevent dust
  • Vacuum and Mop and sweep


Swinton’s Janitorial Cleaning Commitment

We give the best customer service in the industry, from being friendly, courteous and supportive to make sure all of your needs and requirements are met no matter what time of day.

Affordable and Trusted

We offer great services at competitive rates and being affordable means we have no hidden costs or fees. The price we quote is the price you pay. Even being affordable, we personally guarantee we never compromise on our level of janitorial services.

We have a large list of clients who are more than satisfied with our results, and that is one more thing we give. We provide results, we work closely with each customer and the like to make sure we leave no stone un-turned during any of our building services.


Full-Service Details on our website Swinton Building Services


When you need to get the job done, you only have to make one quick call to our friendly staff, from there it is a simple matter of us finding what services you need. From that point forward, we commence work on your no obligation quote and remain in constant contact regarding cleaning or changes to your requirements.

 Your Swinton Building Services consultant could recommend an Initial Cleaning Service if your facility has not been cleaned correctly for some time.

Deep cleaning of baseboards, vents, lighting fixtures, window frames & door frames, will get your facility back into shape and help stop a buildup of dust and soil. If cleaning has been neglected or missed in the past, our skilled cleaners will make sure it is put right, the first time.

They will ensure your business can operate without major disruption and without any concern for you, that any duties have not been completed or completed satisfactorily.

Swinton’s Janitorial Services Cleaning Commitment

Swinton Building Services is one Janitorial Company in Edmonton who goes far beyond what you may receive from alternative cleaning companies.


Nowadays there is much more to industrial services than just wiping the floor and emptying the garbage and the cleaning of machines. We help keep your building clean, sustainable and compliant.

For further information on our specialist cleaning services including:

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Please contact us online on our website Swinton Building Services or speak directly to our 24/7 cleaning services support staff on Edmonton 780-939-2799.

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