Industrial Cleaning Services in Edmonton | 780-939-2799 |Janitorial Cleaning Services

Industrial Cleaning Services in Edmonton  780-939-2799  Swinton Building Services


Industrial Cleaning Services in Edmonton | 780-939-2799 |Janitorial Cleaning Services

Swinton Building Services have been fully equipped for many years to clean large or small facilities. Your needs are critical, no matter what work or cleaning plan you need, we work to meet your needs to find the best solution that delivers the best results.

Swinton Building Services are Here to Help You.

If you wish to outsource any of your specific cleaning services, check out our full range of services at our website or Linkedin page

Industrial Cleaning can provide many evening cleanings in Edmonton, as many places have time restrictions during the day. These working hours outside working hours cause fewer disturbances and allow our highly qualified cleaning staff to safely operate machines and equipment while they are switched off instead of running.

Modern technology combined with a century of experience, we can surpass all your Industrial Cleaning services. Our full range of specialist services are based on each customers personal requirements at one or multiple sites around the Edmonton area.

Swinton Building Services industrial cleaning reaches beyond other cleaners.

  • Affordable Office Cleaning – all types
  • Affordable floor cleaning – all types
  • Care and stock of Toilet consumables
  • Computer and Telephone Cleaning
  • Standard Floor and Carpet Cleaning – as well as deep cleaning
  • Window Cleaning Services and Glass cleaning
  • Solar panel Cleaning

All our specialized services follow our strict green cleansing methodology and various performance enhancing techniques. All of our green cleaning chemicals are proven to be safe for the environment and for your employees and customers, including use in food areas and all products they can come into contact with. New technologies that address environmental problems have brought industrial cleaning to a whole new level. Nowadays there is much more to industrial services than just wiping the floor and emptying the garbage and the cleaning of machines. We help keep your building clean, sustainable and compliant.

For further information on our specialist cleaning services including:

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Please contact us on-line on our website Swinton Building Services or speak directly to our 24/7 cleaning services support staff on Edmonton 780-939-2799.

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