Industrial Cleaning Services T6G Edmonton

Industrial Cleaning Services T6G Edmonton


Swinton Building Services have for years been fully equipped to clean any range of large or small facilities. Your needs are of import so no matter whatever schedule you require, we work with you to find the best solution

Swinton Building Services the Best Industrial Cleaning

All Industrial Cleaning services are all performed by our own staff with High Expertise.

Extensive array of cleaning services with efficient cleaning approach including our famous “360 cleaning system”

Selective staff selection and hiring processes


For extra information on our Commercial Industrial Cleaning CLICK HERE

All of our services follow a strict green cleaning methodology and various performance techniques, and our green cleaning chemicals are fully proven to be safe for the environment and for all of your employees and customers including use in food areas.

Swinton Building Services includes in their Industrial Cleaning

  • We offer Both Evening & Weekend Cleaning
  • Both Restrooms are  Cleaned and Sanitized
  • Break Room & Canteen Clean and Sanitization as standard
  • All Trash Removal and sorting with quality Dusting and Polishing
  • Hard Floor Care Vacuuming, Mopping and Sweeping,
  • Window Cleaning and Glass Cleaning,


Swinton Building Services Industrial Cleaning Schedule

We understand businesses and flexibility and we are happy to work around any requests you may have. Once you have chosen for Swinton Building Services for your Industrial Cleaning we assure you a thorough schedule as with all our highly-valued clients. These industrial cleaning schedules are built around you and we complete things how you want them done, rather than us performing our green cleaning hoping you are satisfied with our results.

Video demonstration of efficient Industrial Cleaning.

A few of our specialist industrial cleaning services include:

  1. Power Washing, Steam Cleaning for Solar Panel Cleaning, Skylight Cleaning
  2. Deep cleans of kitchen areas and industrial equipment
  3. Internal and external window cleaning
  4. Stripping, polishing, and coating of hard floors 
  5. Cleaning of buildings from bad weather conditions

Please contact our cleaning services experts in Edmonton on 780 – 939 – 2799 who can be contacted 24 hours per day and 365 days per year

Or To view full information on our Industrial Cleaning Services, PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE

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