Industrial Cleaning Services Edmonton Tips

Industrial Cleaning Services Edmonton Tips


Industrial Cleaning Services Edmonton Tips


Dusting - start at the top and work downward

Take all your cleaning tools with you - avoid unnecessary trips.

Clean as you go!

Wash walls from the bottom up; this helps to avoid streaking.

Pencil erasers can remove heel marks just rub them off.

Never mix cleaning products. Even better use our green cleaning.

Allowing green cleaners to sit for several minutes to work their magic



For industrial cleaning, textured walls use nylon socks instead of a sponges or cloths, this can avoid material chunks being left behind.

Dusting wall paper, tie a dust cloth over your broom then work from the top to down.



Use a water hose to spray the outside of your business building This will remove siding cobwebs and dirt. Even better Swinton Building Services can offer jet washing for all industrial cleaning of walls and machinery.



Don’t make your own spray cleaner from ammonia. Swinton Building Services has the best green window cleaner.

Dust blinds by wrapping a cloth around a ruler. Spray cloth with an eco-friendly polish and run the flat end across each blind.

Shine windows using an old newspaper.

Clean windows on an average overcast day to avoid streaking.

To clean window sills, pour diluted rubbing alcohol on a cloth and rub the entire surface. Then dust off the sill with a clean cloth.



Rubbing alcohol can remove dull haze from your mirrors and spots from bathroom fixtures.

Dull walls will shine when washed with vinegar and water and polished with a dry cloth.

Lighter fluid will remove most stains from porcelain sinks and bathtubs.


A Industrial Cleaning Company knows clean facilities are crucial for more positive customer experiences and is important to create cleaning schedules which focus heavily on this area of your buildings to prevent any germs and bacteria.

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