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The industry is important to us all, and making sure that this can perform at its most efficient is crucial to the business itself and to the environment which surrounds it.

SBS has been performing industrial cleaning on many establishments over the past 28 years, we found we could not just clean better, but we could help make the environment cleaner by switching to green cleaning chemicals.

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Not only can we clean any areas which are outside of your production area, but we can deep clean any machinery from oil or dirt, this can be done as part of your regular preventative machinery maintenance, or as part of a regular cleaning service for safety issues, especially if the area is for food processing.

SBS provides staff who are fully certified, had background checks and have the continual training of how to conduct themselves in larger busy environments when working around machinery. We also provide other specialist services which can transform your workspace flooring to one which is clean and slip resistant. This in itself can transform any working area as it now becomes brighter from light being back, this has also been shown to affect productivity, as employees are in a more cheerful working mood.

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We also provide specialist teams who can clear any undesirable rubbish from the outside of your premises and totally change the appearance of your building, from rubble to cleaning carparks or walkways, even down to window cleaning. No longer does your production facility need to look as if it has been unattended, this can also go a long way to setting those all-important impressions and protecting your investments.

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