Hard Floor Care Companies in Edmonton Alberta

There are many companies that want to give the appearance of being modern and trendy, and for one area they can do this quickly is to replace carpeted areas with hard flooring, these can include any of the following:

Ceramic Tile





Many of which are chosen due to their durability and ease of cleaning.

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Although these floors are highly durable, they can over time get scratched or the protective coating has become dull and the original shine has been lost. SBS can with the help of our highly skilled flooring specialists revive all types of flooring to their best.

These treatments are different for each flooring type, so the range of equipment and green cleaning chemical required can vary from floor to floor. In some instances, the use of a skilled professional and a polishing machine is enough to revive the surface of the floor before refinishing is required.

In other cases, examples being wood flooring, it is necessary to ensure excessive moisture does not seep into the floor, this can cause the wood to expand and crack under pressure, whereas concrete floors can just require power washing to keep clean and stripping, sealing and finishing to restore them to their finest.

For a business to consider hard flooring can also take a huge investment in employee training and equipment to maintain their floors. SBS can tailor your requirements and present an affordable solution to you, this will greatly reduce any headaches you may have and can let you concentrate on the running of your business.

Clean and Seal video for Hard Floor Care

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