Green Cleaning Services Edmonton |Eco Friendly Cleaning |Janitorial Cleaning Services

Green Cleaning Services Edmonton | Janitorial Cleaning Services

Nowadays green cleaning is becoming increasingly popular. Almost every business needs to be cleaned with environmentally friendly green products.

  • Environmentally friendly green cleaning products
  • Microfiber cleaning systems that hold dust
  • Safety Floor matting to prevent slipping
  • HEPA/ULPA vacuums and filters

Some people are still not aware of the benefits of green cleaning in their commercial cleaning places.

These healthy cleansing agents consist of all natural and organic ingredients which are safe for humans as well as for our environment. These are now the best solutions compared to conventional cleaning methods and chemicals.

In order to clean "green", it is more than just using environmentally friendly chemicals in your office. The employees who use these chemicals must be aware of "eco". We can offer the professional, ecologically trained work and cleaning service for your office regularly or ad hoc.

Janitorial Cleaning Services Edmonton Go Green

All our cleaners have been tested for safety and the Swinton Building Services are fully insured for your protection we offer full satisfaction guarantees as standard procedures and all our clients of green cleaning are full of satisfied customers

Our green cleaning janitorial services are the best, while very affordable and flexible,

There are various types of commercial buildings such as industries, institutions, offices, business complexes, shopping malls, retail stores, etc. Our expert commercial cleaners follow step-by-step procedures to properly clean your place.

The use of green cleaning agents ensures safety from infections like skin, eye and respiratory irritation that can be caused due to traditional chemical cleaning products.

You can hire our professional cleaners to get your commercial site cleaned. Green cleaning services.

  • We also look at the details in the simplest janitorial services
  • We work systematically from the ground up, so that with the wet dust nothing is lost.
  • We maintain a general aspect of space to perfect our work.
  • We create a checklist only for your company to ensure that everything is correct.
  • We offer a daily cleaning service to reduce the evening security costs.
  • We also offer cleaning after hours, so that you can return to a clean room the next day.
  • We use detergents made with natural, biodegradable ingredients that have no chemical odor, we think that should be a clean natural odor.


They will remove dirty spots, any stains, kill germs, bacteria & microbes from different areas. This prevents the growth of new germs from the contaminated places. Washrooms are cleaned properly and sanitized leaving behind a fresh scent.

Swinton Building Services is a well-established and reputed janitorial service company in Edmonton who strongly believe in green cleaning. We have a team of skilled staff members who provide the quality cleaning services at various commercial places. Our experts use green cleaning agents to clean your dirty and dusty areas

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