Floor Care Cleaning Services in Edmonton Affordable & Professional

Floor Care Cleaning Services in Edmonton Affordable & Professional

Flooring requires continuous maintenance. This part of your facility can receive the most wear, it must be protected and properly maintained to ensure your business will not be affected. Swinton Building Services uses the best effective techniques to reduce the impact of daily foot traffic to prevent major damage.

Swinton Building Services restores and maintains floors to the best they can be. This is done by our very professional hard floor service crew. A business like yours may think that hard floors can be the best ideal floor coverings, and they will help your work environment as cooler.

These crews have all been checked and have access to the best equipment and chemicals to make your hard bottom a matter of beauty that deserves it. We also carry all our hard floor care at your most comfortable times to give you the best and safest hard Flooring you can have. Hard flooring requires tender love and care as well as maintain maintenance over time, it looks best and prevents that show deep scratches in the surface. Our highly qualified stone professionals are at home with all types of surfaces and surface coatings.


To keep your floors looking the best they can be we:

• Scrubbing and Re coating hard floors

• Burnishing hard floors

• Scrubbing hard floor services

• Stripping and refinishing hard floor services

Polished floors will inevitably deteriorate over a period of time, depending on traffic volumes. The use of a proprietary floor care as part of the normal routine cleaning cycle will help to extend a high gloss. However, from time to time it will be necessary to remove the hard soils and re-surface (hard). This specialized service can be organized on a frequency basis that best meets the needs of your organization

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