Edmonton Kitchen Cleaning Services | Best Hood Cleaning in Edmonton

Edmonton Kitchen Cleaning Services | Best Hood Cleaning in Edmonton

Edmonton Kitchen Cleaning Services | Best Hood Cleaning in Edmonton


Clean exhaust systems keep down the risks of a burned restaurant, and one of the primary defense against many fire hazards in a commercial kitchen is the regular deep cleaning and maintenance of your hood and exhaust system.

Clean exhaust systems, are more efficient in removing odors from the kitchen of a restaurant. This helps you keep your kitchen crew relaxed and comfortable and promote human performance to support your restaurant business.


Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services Edmonton AB Area

  • Interior and exterior of kitchen hoods deep cleaned
  • Grease Removal throughout all your hood and exhaust systems
  • Removal and replacement of filters if needed
  • Cleaning of all restaurant exhaust ductwork where accessible
  • Thorough cleaning of exhaust fans


In the restaurant industry, a clean and sanitary kitchen is incomprehensible. Dirty kitchens put your customers at risk for food-borne diseases and present a high risk of fire. And if your kitchen is not maintained ( commercial kitchen deep cleaning )by state and federal laws, your restaurant may be fined or closed.

By using a professional kitchen cleaning service, reduce or eliminate the risks, keep your customers and employees safe and your restaurant running. To begin with, kitchen cleaning services are prepared to work around your busy schedules to send teams overnight to prevent your hours from coming into operation.

Commercial kitchen cleaners specialize in the provision of hygienic services (such as steam cleaning) and ensure that every area of ​​your kitchen is cleaned without the use of toxic and/or harmful chemicals that can cause problems in the preparation of food.

When is the right time for the commercial kitchen deep cleaning?

When should a kitchen be cleaned deeply? Every commercial kitchen has to be cleaned twice a year to maintain the high cleanliness and the highest standards of food hygiene.

The food processing industry must comply with hygienic standards, Swinton Building Services commercial kitchen cleaning services ensure that your kitchen is maintained with them.

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