Edmonton Green Cleaning Services for Commercial Sites

Green cleaning has become an important part of our prevailing culture. The use of green products to clean the commercial sites is increasing day by day. Moreover, these are made from natural extracted and organic ingredients, that do not cause any harm to human health and the environment. The traditional cleaning products can contain innumerable harmful chemicals that cause several severe diseases and may also have various side effects on the people present in the area. These harsh chemicals will not stay on the surfaces, instead they will invade in the air and cause skin irritation or other infections. Whereas, the use of green cleaning products ensures the safety of human and the surroundings. The washrooms in the commercial sites are used by many people. Due to regular use, these areas get dirty and contaminated. Moreover, these are the breeding homes of germs and microbes. To clean your commercial places properly, you can hire professional cleaners. Learn more about our BEST VALUE green cleaning services.

The expert janitors work in a systematic order. They will remove the dust and sticky mud particles from various areas by dusting, vacuuming, mopping and sweeping. The stains, spots, marks from the walls, windows, floors, tables etc are removed by using green agents. The professionals use these Eco-friendly products to sanitize and sterilize the contaminated areas like washrooms and storage rooms properly. They will also prevent the growth of germs in these areas.


SBS is renowned janitorial company in Edmonton. We have over 27 years experience in this industry and around 1000 happy clients. From the starting day of our company, we are using green cleaning agents to provide the quality results to our clients. Our experts are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at your service. You can contact at 780-939-2799 to hire our services. We offer free quotes to our all clients. For more information about our services, click here for a special video offer.






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