Edmonton Green Cleaning Services Using Non-Toxic Products

Cleaning is an integral part of our daily activities. Whether it is small or big office, large business complex, restaurants, commercial sites or any retail store; cleaning and cleaning products are everywhere. Floor, desk, wall, window cleaning are the daily routine of office maintenance. Lot of cleaning, lot of cleaning materials are used. Did you ever think of those cleaning material are good or bad for health and environment? There are a few people who are anxious to know this. These are mixed with water when we are flashing the cleanser and they pollute air, soil and water. Health issues like eye burning, skin burning, breathing problems etc are commonly caused due to the harmful effect of these chemicals. So it is very important to use eco-friendly cleaning agents. There are many professional janitorial companies who use green products to provide their services. Learn more about our BEST VALUE green cleaning services.

Eco-friendly cleaning tips


  • Use Green Cleaning Products

  • Avoid poor indoor air quality

  • Be careful with antibacterial cleaners

  • Clean your indoor air naturally

  • Use toxic cleaners carefully

  • Avoid conventional dry cleaners

  • Hire a green cleaning service provider


You can find a huge list of eco-friendly cleaning service providers in Edmonton, you can hire the one that suits your needs and budget. Swinton Building Services provide janitorial services, commercial cleaning services, office cleaning services, business cleaning services, and green cleaning service in Edmonton at affordable prices. We are available at your service 24/7. You can hire our services by calling at 780-939-2799. For more, click here for a special video offer.






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