Edmonton Floor Care Service

Floors are the open areas in the individual and commercial buildings like Work premises, government buildings, hospitals and many more where numerous individuals visit each day for the routine tasks. So, there are chances of the dust and scratches to depreciate the quality of the floors. To maintain the appearance and shine of the floors, these are coated with a protective wax layers. Most of the time, these get accumulated with the germs, dirt and stains. Due to which, the wax coating on the floor surface get scratches and pale yellow stains begin to appear. It can also lead to the permanent damage of floor surface. There are many companies who provide floor care and maintenance services around your place, you can hire the one that suits your requirements and budget. Learn more about our BEST VALUE floor cleaning services.


There are many cleaning companies who provide ultimate services for floor care. Among all, SBS is highly recommended for the top grade services. Our expert team will perform the step by step procedures to restore the quality of floors. They will begin with wax stripping, in which a solution is applied on the surfaces and allowed to rest. After some time, the floors are washed off properly which will remove the stripped off layers. Once, stripping is done. A new wax layer is applied and let to dry. The application process will be continued till the time you achieve the lustrous shine. We are available 24/7. You can hire our services by calling at 780-939-2799. For more, click here for a special video offer.






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