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Over the years, many businesses just bought cleaning chemicals that did the job, there was no real thought about what was actually in the container and what impact it could have on the environment or even worse, how it could affect your employees. For More information on SBS Green Cleaning

It has now been shown that many green cleaning chemicals can perform better than their toxic equivalents, and can also bring with them more benefits:

Healthier Workplace

By going green, no longer are harsh chemicals absorbed by the skin or breathed in while cleaning, or which linger for hours after especially in unventilated areas. Studies have shown that using a normal cleaning spray, even just once a week can raise the risk of developing asthma, which is now one of the most common forms of illness.

Cleaner Environment

When you change to greener methods of cleaning, it helps to reduce pollution in the waterways and the air and minimizes the impact on ozone depletion and global climate change, many products also come in recyclable packaging to further reduce waste.

Safer Products

Conventional cleaning products can cause chemical burns or irritation to skin and eyes. Green cleaners aren't corrosive, and meet very high standards regarding combustibility, skin absorption, and inhalation toxicity

Better Smell

Many conventional cleaning chemicals have a strong chemical based smell, green cleaners, on the other hand, will normally smell of citrus or other essential oil smells which can improve air quality and the environment in your workplace.

Swinton Building Services only use Green Cleaners which have been fully tested as effective and safe for human contact.


For further information on our Green Cleaning Benefits in Edmonton AB or for any other natural cleaning service which you may find beneficial, please visit our website swintonbuildingservices.com, or contact our service staff on Edmonton on 780 – 939 – 2799 and receive your free quote. 

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