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One of the quickest places to get dirty even if it has just been cleaned is a classroom and a school corridor/ locker area. On most days’ classrooms become full of lively students who become involved in a variety of activities. School desks can be home to many students throughout a day, so the possibility of germs being spread is quite high. For more information on SBS Commercial Cleaning


As children are involved it is vitally important that the classrooms are kept as clean as possible and the cleaning chemicals used are suitable for constant skin contact from students. Swinton Building Services have maintained many schools and classrooms over 28 years and understand how important it is to clean and sanitize these areas correctly.

When the professional staff at Swinton Building Services repeatedly clean and sanitize all the areas that children can come into contact with, there is less chance for the children to become ill and miss vital time away from their classes.

One main area that requires special attention in a school are the restroom facilities, younger children are just at the age of understanding the importance of washing their hands after visiting a restroom, not only can it be beneficial for them to have clean work surfaces, but if they forget to wash, these germs and bacteria are quite easily transported back into a classroom.

Swinton Building Services also only use eco-friendly cleaning chemicals which are tested safe, in areas where children are present.


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