Edmonton, AB T5E 1K1, Restroom Maintenance in Edmonton, General Cleaning service

1) Set out Wet Floor signs.2) Always utilize proper personal protective equipment including goggles and rubber gloves when working with cleaning chemicals.3) Sweep floors and pick up any loose trash and debris.4) Properly mix your Hillyard disinfectant according to label directions. Use a 2 quart pump-up sprayer to dispense your Hillyard disinfectant/cleaner. This time saving device makes restroom maintenance fast, effective, and efficient.5) Begin cleaning and disinfecting urinals and toilets. Start by pushing water over the toilet and urinal traps to expose standing water ring. Spray urinals and toilets with disinfectant. Allow adequate product dwell time to ensure maximum efficacy (10 minutes).

6) Move to the lavatory area and spray sinks, walls, fixtures, and pipes underneath the lavatories with disinfectant/cleaner.7) Dust vents, lights, and other fixtures with a synthetic duster while disinfectant is working. Work from the top down to avoid simply spreading dust.8) Empty trash, refill soap dispensers and paper products, and clean mirrors while disinfectant is working.9) Clean walls and restroom partitions using a flat mop.10) After allowing sufficient dwell time, return to toilet bowls and urinals and swab as you flush several times. Pay particular attention to undersides of the flush ring. Finish by drying the toilet seats and fixtures with a clean cloth.11) Return to the lavatory and polish sinks and fixtures with a cleaning cloth.12) Wipe down push plates, kick plates, doorknobs, and light switches. Finish by cleaning and disinfecting the floor with the flat mop.

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