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All of us like a clean and tidy office that is much important to develop am working environment. Here you will find tips and ideas to get maximum service from your cleaning company.

Make a schedule: Let your cleaning company know what are your expectations from the company. Make a list of tasks you want getting done from that company in daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. You can write an email with all of those expectations or simply can print and give it to the company.

Encourage your staffs to follow clean desk policy. Encourage them not to have snacks on desks, or any other activity that might make the desk and its elements dirty. This will reduce work load of cleaning company on your desks, then they can invest more time to clean other parts of your office.

Recycling the materials might help to proper manage the wastes and this will be helpful to environment. If you are going to recycle the used materials, you are going to produce less wastages and this might let the cleaning company to charge you less.

Read the contract between you and cleaning company before you assign them to clean your office. It will help you to know what actually they are going to do for you. This will also reduce your expenditure, and will develop the responsibility of the cleaning company.

Setup a perfect time. It’s not a good idea to let your cleaning company to work on your office when it’s a office time. This will reduce the productivity, and will make a mess on office. It’s better to make schedule on weekends when the cleaning company might work and it will not harm your office’s working environment.

Increase the frequency of office cleaning schedule. The more frequently you will schedule your cleaning company to clean your office, the better cleaning you will get from your cleaning service company.

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