Edmonton AB Commercial Floor Cleaning Specialists

Having a properly stripped and waxed floor can maintain its appearance for many years if done correctly. Swinton Building Services can customize our commercial floor cleaning service depending on, floor type, foot traffic, flooring condition, and age. Our flooring professionals will identify which services are best suited for your flooring and we can then tailor our maintenance plan to meet your budget. For further information on our Commercial Floor Cleaning.

There are several advantages of having your floor properly stripped and waxed by Swinton Building Services:

Prevents any water and moisture from penetrating your floor.

Repels dirt and stains.

Protects your floor from scratches, scuffs and other types of damage.

Extends the life and the look of the flooring material.

Gives a long lasting impressive shine and beauty to your facility.

Extends the life of your flooring, thus saving you money on your investment.

A beautiful floor will impress clients and bosses.


Types of Flooring

There are many different types of flooring used by businesses in Edmonton AB, all of these require a different skill set to maintain and keep clean. Swinton Building Services has staff who have been providing Commercial Floor Cleaning and treatments for over 28 years in Edmonton to many thousands of satisfied clients.

With Commercial Floor Cleaning, this can be quite a time-consuming exercise, Swinton Building Services can provide this service to fit in with any work schedule you require, this can reduce the amount of disruption to the rest of your workforce. We also use the most up to date equipment that can complete these tasks both quickly and safely.


For additional information on our Commercial Floor Cleaning Services in Edmonton AB or any other building cleaning service in Edmonton, please visit our website swintonbuildingservices.com, or you contact our professionals in Edmonton on 780 – 939 – 2799 and receive your free customized quote. 

We are available 24/7, 365 days per year to meet any of your requirements. Click here for a special video offer.

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