Construction Cleaning in Edmonton Alberta

When a construction crew starts a project, they are governed by laws and regulations, even when the construction teams have finished, these regulations can continue until the site has been cleaned, to make this easier and more efficient, it is common practice to hire the services of professional Post Construction cleaning companies. For additional information on our Construction Cleaning

One major benefit for hiring Construction Cleaning companies is the contractor is safe in the knowledge that the area is left fully compliant with building codes. When choosing a construction cleanup company, they should be fully versed in building regulations and PPE equipment for all their employee’s. All staff at Swinton Building Services who undertake construction cleanup are trained in health and safety as well as full training in the use of the best industrial cleaning equipment that is available.

It is not just a matter of sweeping and mopping to get an area clean, there may be a case for stripping and recoating hard floors or carpets may have to be removed and disposed of correctly.

Once the major rubble has been removed, the real cleaning can begin, all dust must be controlled as not to be blown into the atmosphere and all refuse has to be disposed of in the correct manner. When it comes down to detail finishing, our skilled construction clean-up teams will use the best green cleaning chemicals to clean deep into the corners and crevices within your facility, as this cleaning is done it will finally be sanitized to eliminate and germs or bacteria which may have had chance to grow during the building operations.

No matter what your budget, our services can be tailored to fit so you will not lose any quality of service from SBS.


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