Construction Cleaning Services in Edmonton Affordable & Professional

Construction Cleaning Services in Edmonton Affordable & Professional

                             Construction Cleaning                                      Services in Edmonton                                        Affordable & Professional


Whether you are building a new home, a commercial building or a commercial site, it will require a full cleaning before it can be used regularly. This means cleaning the entire building from top to bottom, dust, residue, and windows are only a small part of the entire cleaning process.

This is a cleaning that requires professional care such as Swinton Building Services. Common house cleaning, flooring and carpets and the like are not on the same level as Post Construction Cleaning. Additional care is necessary to what most people would think is clean because of the nature of the debris.

Some people think post-construction cleaning professionals are not necessary, and they are able to do the job themselves without worrying. That is not the case.

It's a cleaning process that can take a couple of days of full time, time that many do not have because of their own work. This is our full-time job at Swinton Building Services. So while you work, we take care of the all the messy cleaning work.

There is often dust and waste left behind which can be dangerous to employees. Correct cleaning methods and techniques are required and often mean special clothing, of which a professional cleaning company will own and know how to use.

Post-construction cleaning often means working for awkward positions for long periods of time. Paint, for example, can land in any number of places. Painting behind a toilet must be cleaned and reaching the place can be very difficult if it is not uncomfortable. Paint repairs on the floors, carpeting and cleaning needs - all with special equipment and chemicals. Imperial One Cleaning can do all this.

Outdoor needs also have to be professionally green cleaned, as builders are infamous for nails, remaining woods, sidewalks, bricks and more are left behind. More often than not, the waste is spread over the site and has to be collected. Most professional cleaning services bring large trailers to recycle volumes of waste, to recycling centers or suitable refuse disposal.

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