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Construction Cleaning Services in Edmonton| Janitorial Cleaning

Construction cleanup is quite essential when the construction and renovation work get finished. Almost all places like floors, walls, corners get affected by mud, stones, scratches, oil stains, Paints, chalk lines, Glue Spots and polish Marks.

Cleaning it by yourself can be a chaotic job. For that, you will need some assistance. At Swinton Building Services we provide expert BEST VALUE construction cleaning services in Edmonton, Ab.

There are many professional companies that offer construction cleaning with the quality assured services.

They take the privilege to clean all the garbage and sticking materials with the use of modern tools and devices and transform the whole structure with a new attractive look.

Swinton Building Services can be your go-to construction cleaning partner to help in times like these, we have highly skilled professionals who comprehend all the laws with waste disposal and how best to deal with areas which require cleaning when there is a large amount of dust and rubble remaining on the floors.

There are numerous methods that have been used for the construction cleaning like:

General Cleaning:
In this, common cleaning methods like dusting, sweeping, vacuum cleaning and mopping are used. It is a dry cleanup process to eliminate dust particles, soil and sand scattered on the floor surfaces.

Hot Water Pressure Washing:
Tile Floors may get spoiled because of additional scrubbing and scratching. In order to remove the sticking muds, stains and spots, Hot water with high-pressure spray method is used.

 It works with the device where hot water creates steam that loosens the bond of chemicals, paints, and mud with the floors, walls, and ceilings without causing any damage to the surface. It also reduces the risk of scrape lines on the concrete and tile floor.

Final Interior Construction Cleanup:
After the above two steps, Cleaning of electric appliances, window frames, doors, ceilings, glass furniture is done for the final touch up. For the floors, stripping and waxing process is used to provide sparkling shine to the surfaces where our janitorial Cleaning services give a final clean.

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