Commercial Post Construction Cleaning Services in Edmonton

If there is one service which needs to be conducted quickly, efficiently and safely it is post construction cleaning. This service is carried out when your property has had a major remodeling project and the area has been left with rubble, wood, and lots of dust from the builders who have moved on to other projects.

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Our post construction cleaning teams are all security checked and highly proficient in this form of cleaning which uses the best HVAC cleaning systems and the best green cleaning chemicals to allow them to perform their duties quickly and efficiently.

Our teams will cordon of any areas to prevent dust travel and use the best air filtration systems to keep all the dust under control. They also do this around your work schedules so as to cause the least amount of disruption possible.

As with all of our services we offer  the following benefits for your construction cleaning.

  • All cleaners are security checked.
  • SBS is fully insured and bonded
  • We offer a full satisfaction guarantee as standard
  • All our products are eco-friendly
  • We have a large clientele of satisfied customers
  • Our services are highly affordable and flexible.

As part of our service for construction cleaning our workers will perform a deep clean of the area and will remove and sanitize all the surfaces including the ones that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

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