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Commercial Janitorial Cleaning

Summer time is just around the corner and all those allergens will be in full swing. Have you ever considered how many employees lose time through being allergic to allergens? Approximately 7 days per year per employee.

If you calculate this for the number of employees you have you can soon realize you are losing a lot of man hours, many of which are down to your janitorial cleaning not being conducted properly.

Swinton Business Solutions have perfected their janitorial cleaning which can provide you with a workplace which is free from all of these allergens and looks good for any customers who visit your workplace.

Chemicals used in your janitorial cleaning can also have effects on your employees, Swinton Business Solutions have come up with a solution the “Office Cleaning 360’ system” which uses the best green cleaning, eco-friendly chemicals that are none toxic and tested safe for any surface.

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Our janitorial cleaning staff is expertly trained in all aspects of commercial janitorial cleaning and health and safety around the workplace. They are also proud of the work they do and aim to perform their janitorial cleaning better than anyone and they have the work ethos of “we clean, not wipe”

Now May is nearly with us, think about your janitorial cleaning and how many days you can lose over the next few months because of allergens.

Swinton Business Solutions offer a cost-effective way for you to achieve this rather than losing days to your employees because of your lack of janitorial cleaning.

Janitorial Cleaning also includes restrooms, Click Here for Janitorial Cleaning Demonstration

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