Commercial Industrial Cleaning Services in Edmonton

Swinton Building Services provides some of Edmontons leading Industrial cleaning services, and have a wide range of specialist services that can cater for any type of establishment. Where many companies struggle to meet a facilities full needs industrial cleaning services provided by Swinton Building Services will actually exceed your expectations.

A few of our specialist industrial cleaning services include:

High-pressure cleaning

This involves industrial cleaning by using high-pressure water, and in some instances heated water, and is a common technique to clean many surfaces, it is even used in our kitchen deep cleaning and sanitizes the surface as it cleans.

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Vacuum Cleaning

Swinton has many specialist machines which play an important role in industrial cleaning, they consist of high suction capacity and are designed to suck all solids or liquids, both quickly and safely.

Our Industrial Cleaning Services can be conducted whenever your daily operations will allow, we can even conduct this during shutdown periods to provide efficient and speedy industrial cleaning at the most affordable of rates.

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 Swinton Building Services makes it a number one priority to listen to clients, and in that way we can fully understand all of your requirements, once we know this we will understand your expectations and cannot just meet them, we can surpass them.

We make it a priority to only employ staff who are reliable, clean and qualified to operate the machinery and work in a variety of different spaces.

Our industrial cleaning is carried out using our own machinery and chemicals, so you will just be concerned with a one off itemized bill to contend with, and no worries about insurance or codes which need to be complied with.

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