Commercial Green Cleaning & Awareness in Edmonton AB

For effective commercial cleaning, there is a requirement for disinfectants, cleansers, deodorizers and floor cleaning products. Many of these can be hazardous and dangerous when used by people who do not know how to use them are concerned. For more information on our Green Cleaning & Awareness.

In some cases, many so-called green chemicals can still be considered allergens although they are safe for the environment. Swinton Building Services have spent many years finding the best eco-friendly chemicals that are safe for both the environment and for employees.

For a larger business, it can be quite worrying about storage of chemicals that can cause harm to employees if not stored correctly. Swinton Building Services staff have received full training in usage and storage of all chemicals that they use.

Many businesses are unaware there are safety programs for the storage and usage of any chemicals which are used in Commercial Green Cleaning, As a professional cleaning company, Swinton Building Services are fully aware of all regulations that relate to these chemicals, for over 28 years we have aided many clients in the requirements for handling and storage of any cleaning chemicals that have been used in their workplace, especially in the case of schools or areas where children may be present.

Swinton Building Services can work with you and help develop a safety program that can comprehensively cover your cleaning chemical safety and awareness needs.

For extra information regarding how we can help you with Commercial Green Cleaning & Awareness in Edmonton AB or any other janitorial services in Edmonton, please visit our website, or you contact our cleaning professionals in Edmonton on 780 – 939 – 2799 and receive your free quote. 

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