Carpet Cleaning Services in Edmonton Affordable & Professional

Carpet Cleaning Services in Edmonton Affordable & Professional

                                              Carpet Cleaning Services in Edmonton Affordable & Professional

Companies spend a lot of money on carpet flooring, upholstery furniture, leather. This is the reason why companies throughout Edmonton have chosen Swinton Building Services not only to protect their investment but also to make their offices, retail and commercial space look healthy and good. Swinton Building Services is the perfect choice for companies of all sizes - from small local businesses to multi-location operations. Our Carpet Cleaning Services clean deeper that is healthier for your employees and customers, without disturbing your business activities.

Swinton Building Services Unique hot water extraction cleaning method uses the bubbly properties of carbonization to deeply penetrate your carpets and upholstery, break up dirt and lift it to the surface. We then use state-of-the-art equipment to remove the dirt and water from the carpet and leave a deep, long-lasting cleaning for your employees and customers.

Swinton Building Services uses a specially developed, green-certified cleaning solution, which is safe and non-toxic for your employees and customers. Our low moisture process also helps to reduce damp & limit mold disease from excess water. In addition, our cleaning process is found to removes an average of 98% of the common carpet and padding allergens, and when a disinfectant was added, 89% of the bacteria were in the air

Swinton Building Services carpet cleaning professional crews are the best in business. If your carpet is not clean, it means we have not been contacted to get into your business and carry out our professional carpet cleaning

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Please contact our Janitorial cleaning services in Edmonton on 780 – 939 – 2799 who can be reached 24 hours per day and 365 days per year

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