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Germs, Germs, Germs

No matter where it is located in your business,  your carpet will turn out to be an out-and-out hive of bacteria.

  • Pollen
  • Dust,
  • Dead Skin Cells
  • Small Insects


All of the above you absently tread underfoot. The problem is measuring a quantity of germs or bacteria that are deep in your carpets isn't easy. What if we said, “your carpet is up to 4.000 times dirtier than your toilet seat?”


Carpet Cleaning Vs Vacuuming

Businesses with carpets often forget that vacuuming is not a synonym for cleaning. Vacuuming on a regular basis does wonders for removing skin cells, and other bits and pieces.

Swinton Building Services recommend a professional deep clean every 6-12 months. This penetrates deeper into your carpet, as well as killing bacteria which cannot be sucked up by Janitorial Services vacuuming.

Note: some cleaning systems may be satisfactory, many others leave your carpet damp for hours at a time. This can lead to serious problems of stretching or shrinkage and the inset of mold growth which will, therefore, necessitate considerable professional cleaning, if the carpet has not become damaged.



Employees who suffer from allergies have to be extra cautious when it comes to carpets. It’s true that employees can fetch all sorts of pollens and specks of dust into your office which will start apparently random fits of allergic reactions.

However, professional carpet cleaning from Swinton Building Services will make a difference and only needs to be done once or twice a year.

Carpet Life In An Office

  • Open  doors and windows more often
  • Has higher foot traffic
  • Probable to have people that are ill who are getting better from sickness
  • Employees wear the same footwear indoors as outdoors

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