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Carpet Cleaning can be an essential part of your business is important as unskilled or non-professional cleaners do not do the cleaning work properly rather they do the harm of your carpet. Generally, they use over-the-counter cleaning products those are commonly not effective in deep clean your carpet. The cleaning products mostly are toxic and do harm to your employee and environment. The cleaners may even remove the dye of your carpet as they don’t know what cleaning products to use for what type of carpets.

Swinton Building Services has over the past 3 decades has cleaned thousands of square feet of carpet, both for deep cleaning & regular and also stain removal and protecting, this gets all the dirt from deep down in the fibers, where our interim cleaning helps to prevent the need for deep cleaning and prolongs the life of your carpet in the process.

As an environmentally aware business owner, you can have a look on the green cleaning services we offer for commercial carpet cleaning:

  • We offer Standard or Low Moisture Cleaning that encapsulates the dirt particles in your carpet and leaves your carpets dry and clean in 30 minutes.
  • We offer Hot Water with Eco-Friendly chemicals, 212-degree water, and 500-1200 PSI water jets.
  • Hot Water Extraction for the most saturated carpets. This uses a motorized rotary machine that includes 6 500 PSI spray jets, 212-degree water, and 6 suction points.

Prime examples of carpet areas which have high foot traffic are hotels, not just in the rooms but along hallways. Swinton Building Service’s professional carpet cleaning team pre-visit your carpet and determine the best carpet cleaning method that is suitable for your carpets.

Drying your carpets naturally and quickly is required to reduce disruption and prevent your carpets from shrinking or stretching in this process.

•          efficient to remove all allergens, clean trodden soil, and dust mites

•          helps reduce damp & limit mold disease

•          Ultimate and  effective spot and stain removal

•          capable of Reducing carpet wear in areas by regular carpet cleaning

•          helps Extending carpets natural life, Protecting your investment in your carpet

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All of our cleaning methods are advised by the Carpet Mills who manufacture carpet. This will not invalidate any warranty you have. Swinton Building Services carpet cleaning professionals are the best in the business. If your carpet isn’t clean, that means we have not been into your business

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