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Carpet can transform the look of any facility although they can require a little more cleaning than hard floors, especially in high traffic environments, to prolong the life of your carpet and keep it looking its best, there are various forms of cleaning that are recommended at different periods. For more information of our Carpet Cleaning Service.


Swinton Building Services will review your carpets and will recommend what form of cleaning is required at that point, we will then also recommend a preventative maintenance cleaning program that will keep your carpets looking the very best that they can.

Each cleaning method has its own advantages on how well it can actually clean a carpet, but to further prolong the life of your carpet, it is recommended to follow the different cleaning methods at the regular intervals, unless stains from spills require spot cleaning.


As with most industrial or commercial cleaning, the better the machinery the better the result, and cleaning carpets is no exception. The skilled carpet cleaners at SBS fully understand the different forms of cleaning and the impact the different machinery can have on different types of carpet fabric.

The three most common forms of carpet cleaning we undertake are as follows:

Bonnet Cleaning is an interim cleaning method that just cleans the top parts of the fibers and does nothing to reach deep down and remove the dirt and grime, with this method, germs can continue to breed deep in the carpet.

Encapsulation is another interim cleaning method and once the carpet has been cleaned and the residue has dried to a crystalline texture, this can be dry vacuumed from the carpet.

Hot Water Extraction is the best form of deep cleaning, super-hot water is washed deep into the fibers with the detergent and then agitated before being sucked from the carpet.

This method is chosen by the carpet mills as it is the best way to clean and as hot water is used rather than steam, there is no shrinkage from the carpet.


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