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Carpets can be one of the nicest floor finishes a business can choose, although to protect this investment and prolong the life of the carpet, it is recommended to have regular cleaning. This can remove the dirt and allergens which get pushed deep into the fibers and if not treated, can prematurely end the life of your carpet, or there can be a buildup of odors which over time make the whole area not very appetizing.

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Prime examples of carpet areas which have high foot traffic are hotels, not just in the rooms but along hallways. These not only need to look clean to make your investment last longer, they need to look clean for the impression it is setting for the guests.

SBS has over the past 28 years cleaned hundreds of thousands of square feet of carpet, both for deep cleaning which gets all the dirt from deep down in the fibers, to interim cleaning which goes a long way to preventing the need for deep cleaning and prolonging the life of your carpet in the process.

We have professional cleaners who are certified and trained in many different types of carpet, they can use a variety of equipment which best meets the needs of your carpet and the type of cleaning required.

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For interim cleaning, we provide either bonnet cleaning or encapsulation cleaning methods, and both of these can be done on high traffic areas around six months after a deep clean has taken place. For the deep clean method, SBS has worked with carpet mills and follow their recommendations, this is for hot water extraction which removes all dirt and will not leave any excess moisture which can make the carpet shrink or stretch. This method will not void any carpet warranty you may have.

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