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Carpet can be the number one floor covering for many businesses, it is quite durable, can look highly attractive and can be easy to install, although to look its best does require some tender love and care, have you ever noticed there is a stain, and even if cleaned, it is still visible, but after a while, that area becomes much darker than the rest?

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Our carpet cleaning experts can analyze not just your carpet but the amount of traffic and wear it receives, we can then advise on a preventative cleaning schedule which will prolong the life of your carpet, and the amount of time between deep cleans. This can keep your carpet stain free and be feeling fresh and looking as vibrant as the day it was laid.

Our professional carpet cleaner also has the capability to remove stains so the area will not become dark as before. With the best eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, we can spot clean deep into the fibers of the carpet and revive it to match the surrounding areas.

When cleaning we use the recommended method from the carpet mills themselves, this not only cleans and sanitizes your carpet, but it also will not void your warranty and make your carpet shrink like many other methods. Our carpet professionals can have a large area cleaned which requires minimal drying time so it can cause the least amount of disruption.

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Our carpet experts and janitors can also advise on how to prevent carpet flat spots and fading by harmful UV rays if the carpet is constantly exposed to the sun.

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