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Vinyl flooring is one of the most common flooring options in many businesses, to cause minimal disruption, it is easier and faster to use machinery instead of mops and buckets, these can not only clean the floor quicker, they leave your floors in a condition that can dry in minutes instead of hours, this can leave your floors in a safer state as there will be less likelihood of any slippage.Learn more about our Best Regular Professional Floor , for businesses in Edmonton

Any loose dirt or particles should be swept and ideally vacuumed, this can prevent scratches in the floor covering.

For stubborn dirt or marks, it is necessary to soak all these with concentrated cleaning chemical prior to cleaning to help break down the mark. Once the stain has been broken down, you can commence with cleaning the remainder of the floor.

Before cleaning the floor, ensure that the cleaning machine tanks are full of water and cleaning solution, as per manufacturer’s directions. There should also be no blockages in the wastewater tank or in the vacuum hose.

As a final check, the brushes on the machine should be a soft bristle so as to not scour the surface while cleaning.

It can seem cheaper to employ staff for cleaning your vinyl floors, but you have machinery costs and recurring cleaning chemical costs that must be considered.

Swinton Building Services can eliminate your recurring costs, and offer one set charge with the inclusion of any green chemicals to be included. We have been providing professional floor care to many businesses in Edmonton over the past 28 years, with our highly skilled staff.


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