Affordable & Professional Restaurant Cleaning Services Edmonton AB

Affordable & Professional Restaurant Cleaning Services Edmonton AB

Affordable & Professional Restaurant Cleaning Services Edmonton AB

Are you looking for an excellent, professional and reliable company in Edmonton to regularly clean your Restaurant Kitchens from the ceilings to the floors? Do you get on oven residue you cannot get rid of when you cook? Swinton Building Services is proud of our restaurant cleaning services.

Restaurants are very important places to stay both clean and sanitary, as they are the main places for food preparation and consumer consumption. As one of the leading restaurant cleaning companies in Edmonton, Swinton Building Services is confident you will be delighted with our services.


Dining Rooms & Restrooms

Swinton Building Services is Edmonton’s Commercial Kitchen cleaning specialists and is the first call for restaurant kitchen cleaning services. All business owners and managers understand the mess in the kitchen after a busy day to cook great food.

Grease and dirt buildup of can be extremely difficult at times to remove and clean. It is best to give it to the professionals who have the specialized tools and the best environmentally friendly cleaning products to do the job. When you choose Swinton Building Services from the merger of your restaurant cleaning business, we will keep your toilet sanitized at all times.

We don't just rub the sinks and toilets, change the toilet paper rolls and trash bags, and make sure your soap and towel dispensers are stored. We clean and leave your toilet in the cleanest possible condition.


Swinton Building Services restaurant cleaning services can include the following:

• General front of the house cleans in depth while the kitchen is thoroughly cleaned the exhaust hoods as standard as well as the Washroom cleaning and sanitation in depth.

• Cleaning and maintenance of hard floors and carpets is carried out after Exterior, wall washing and graffiti removal.

Finally your Umbrellas and Awnings and Windows and window frames

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Please contact our Cleaning Services Professionals in Edmonton on 780 – 939 – 2799 who can be contacted 24 hours per day and 365 days per year

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