Affordable & Professional Industrial Cleaning Services Edmonton AB

Affordable & Professional Industrial Cleaning Services Edmonton AB


Affordable & Professional Industrial Cleaning Services Edmonton AB

Industry is important to all of us, and to ensure that it operates its most efficiently is essential for the business itself and for the environment it surrounds.

Swinton building services have been doing the industrial cleaning in many institutions over the last 28 years. We found that we can not only clean better, but we can help clean the environment by switching to green cleaners.

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Not only can we clean up any areas outside your production area, but we can clean any machinery from oil or dirt. This can be done as part of your regular machinery maintenance, or in the context of a regular cleaning service for safety issues, especially if the area is for food processing.

Swinton Building Services Benefits

Our industrial cleaning goes far beyond other cleaning and includes:

  • Affordable Office Cleaning – all types
  • Affordable floor cleaning – all types
  • Care and stock of Toilet consumables
  • Computer and Telephone Cleaning
  • Standard Floor and Carpet Cleaning – as well as deep cleaning
  • Window Cleaning Services and Glass cleaning
  • Solar panel Cleaning if required

Swinton Building Services provides certified employees with background control and ongoing training, as they can operate in larger, busy environments when they operate machines. We also offer other specialists who can turn your workplace into a clean and slippery one. This can change any workspace as it becomes easier due to light. It has also shown that it affects productivity because the employees are in a happier working environment.

All of our specialized services follow our strict green cleaning methods and various performance-enhancing techniques, all of our green cleaning chemicals are proven to be safe for the environment and your employees and customers including use in food areas and all products they can come safely into contact with.

For further information on our specialist cleaning services including Office Cleaning Services, Retail Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning Services, Restaurant Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, Green Cleaning, Construction Cleaning, Carpet Care, Floor Care and Window Cleaning Services in Edmonton AB.

Please contact our Office Cleaning Services in Edmonton on 780 – 939 – 2799 who can be reached 24 hours per day and 365 days per year

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