Affordable & Professional Commercial Green Cleaning Services Edmonton AB

Affordable & Professional Commercial Green Cleaning Services Edmonton AB

Affordable & Professional Commercial Green Cleaning Services Edmonton AB

Are you or have you considered using a green cleaning company? If you know, do you know the benefits that can bring? Not only can you do your part and protect the environment, but you can also help improve the quality of the environment for your employees and clients.

Some of the benefits associated with using a Green Cleaning Company like Swinton Building Services are:

Air quality

Buildings aim to save energy, and to achieve them; they must be closed areas. Cleaning chemicals containing toxic ingredients can either smell, or the VOCs they contain can cause health problems when inhaled. Many VOCs are added just to give chemicals a good odor.

Green chemicals do not contain VOCs and use essential oils for their aroma. This can reduce employees' allergic reactions and decrease the number of sick days.

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Green cleaning chemicals are made of all natural compounds and are completely biodegradable. It is safe to flush into the wastewater system without worrying that water tables or the environment are affected by your facility. It is not just these, they are safe to touch, so once areas have been cleaned, it does not risk your employees, especially in areas where food can be consumed or prepared.

Employee Health

Many conventional products used for cleaning bathrooms can contain chlorine or ammonia. It has shown that it causes many injuries to officials over the years, and exposure to this on a regular basis can lead to chronic diseases.

Swinton Building Services uses only green cleaning chemicals that have been proven and tested for both people and the environment. Introduction to GREEN CLEANING. Once you have chosen for Swinton Building Services for your Industrial Cleaning, we assure you a thorough schedule as with all our highly-valued clients

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