Affordable Green Cleaning Services Edmonton AB T5J

Affordable Green Cleaning Services Edmonton AB T5J

Every company wants to go green and help protect the environment in the process; there is no business in Edmonton that is more engaged in this changing work practices. We worked for over 28 years and cleaned up for the majority of business during this time.

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Any company that does not aim to make this shift is both unprofessional and irresponsible, not just for the environment, but also for its employees. An employee may be absent on average seven days a year due to allergic reactions, either on allergens or exposure to toxins forming conventional cleaning chemicals.

All the chemicals we use at Swinton Building Services have been carefully tested and certified to be environmentally friendly and safe for food preparation areas. This can give you confidence that your work environment is safe from any cross-contamination.

At Swinton Building Services, we also handle green waste disposal methods from recycling to the disposal of accumulated waste that can be outside your premises, and it is a methodology that we use in all our other specialist services. Moreover, our employees will inform us in detail about how to go along with these green practices in all their operations.

You can be sure in knowing that choosing SWINTON BUILDING SERVICES as your green cleaning provider, every step has been carefully thought out that can clean not only your building but also has your construction and staff concerns in the heart.

Demonstration of Green Cleaning Chemical Storage

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