Affordable Commercial Industrial Cleaning Services in Edmonton

Production sites are the manufacturing facilities where different products are being produced. There are various types of industries like chemical, textile, food, pharmaceutical, automobile.

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The natural movement of employees working there, make the place dirty.

A lot of dust particles gets deposited on the walls, windows, floors, machines, etc. The conventional deposition of grit on the tools & equipment makes it greasy and hard which later becomes difficult to remove.

Due to regular usage, the washrooms also get contaminated by the attack of germs and pathogens. The unbearable stench from them makes the environment awful.

It further affects your brand image and business. Moreover, a dirty and contaminated place may lead to several infections and diseases. So, to stay healthy and get high productivity, you may get your seat cleaned properly.

Industrial Cleaning Shift Patterns Include:

Early morning, Evening, Holiday Time, Weekend,

These Industrial Cleaning operations can be:

 Annually Daily, Monthly, Bi-weekly,

Swinton Building Services is a well known and reputed janitorial company in Edmonton. We offer our industrial cleaning services at reasonable prices. Along with this, we also provide cleaning services for institutes, shopping malls, retail stores, restaurants, business complexes, offices, etc. Our experts use green agents that do not cause any harm to human health and the environment. For more

A few of our specialist industrial cleaning services include:

  1. Power Washing, Steam Cleaning
  2. Solar Panel Cleaning, Skylight Cleaning
  3. Deep cleans of kitchen areas and industrial equipment
  4. Internal and external window cleaning
  5. Stripping, polishing, and coating of hard floors 
  6. Cleaning from adverse weather conditions

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