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Various types of flooring are available in the market like wooden, tiles, laminate, linoleum, etc. that are widely used for the indoor and outdoor decoration.

These are coated with wax layers to enhance the durability. They also impart shine to the surfaces. Floors suffer damage due to daily activities like walking and movement of heavy boxes & trolleys. The dust particles, marks, spots and stains also demolish the appearance of the floors.

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The regular wear and tear deplete and deteriorate the wax coating of the surfaces. They began to look dull and yellowish, if not maintained properly which impart bad interior to your place.

For the floor care, you need to hire professional service providers who will renew the surface appearance with expert techniques and procedures. 

Although these floors are very durable, they can over time get damaged or the protective coating has become dull and the original shine has been lost. SBS can with the help of our very skilled flooring specialists revive all types of flooring to their best.

Hard Floor Care & Wax

Floor Waxing: After the Floor Stripping, the surfaces are allowed to dry. First of all, a single coating of wax is applied on the surfaces. It is left to dry. After that second coat is applied. The same procedure is followed several times till a lustrous shine has appeared on the floors.

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