Affordable Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services In Edmonton


Extremely Affordable Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

Swinton Building Services in 28 years has addressed all sorts of Commercial Carpet Cleaning requirements and can help to prolong the life of your carpet and keep it highly clean in the process.

Our enthusiastic carpet cleaning crews are the best in the business and work all kinds of magic to make your carpet spotless, clean and highly healthy. Our staff are fully background checked and vetted, very experienced, skilled and accountable towards you and your business.

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Swinton Building Services Maintains CARPETS Looking CLEAN AND NEW

  1. Carpet hot water extraction cleaning
  2. Rotary scrub shampooing and vacuuming
  3. Bonnet cleaning & Encapsulation cleaning
  4. Sanitize and deodorize while performing stain removal and protection

Carpet is used anywhere in businesses, and suffers the same problems,

Swinton Building Services, helps with the following:

  1. remove all allergens,
  2. clean trodden soil and dust mites
  3. eliminate germs, reduce damp & limit mold disease
  4. Highly effective spot and stain removal
  5. Reduce carpet wear in areas by regular carpet cleaning
  6. Extending carpets natural life
  7. Protecting your investment in your carpet

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Our Cleaning Schedules allows your carpet to become almost dry in the quickest and safest ways possible which helps reduce disruption to employees and daily operations. Swinton Building Services services are very affordable and go way beyond all of your expectations for carpet cleaning.

Other services where we provide specialist cleaning:

Janitorial, Commercial Restaurant Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Care, Window Cleaning Services, Wall Washing, Skylight Cleaning, Company Sign Cleaning, Drain Cleaning

Please contact our cleaning services experts in Edmonton on 780 – 939 – 2799 who can be contacted 24 hours per day and 365 days per year

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