Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services Edmonton AB T5J

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services Edmonton AB T5J

Swinton Building Services carpet cleaning recommends dry carpet cleaning for carpets requiring periodic maintenance or when faster drying times are required.

We are proud to work with the highest industry standards. We use the latest and best equipment and safe green cleaning chemicals to ensure that your carpets are kept in a prime condition. If possible, we use environmentally friendly and green chemicals.

Your carpets will feel softer and smell fresher, and you will appreciate a healthier business for your employees and your customers. And a thing to remember is, with dry carpet cleaning, you can use your carpets immediately.

Swinton Building Services revolutionary carpet stain remover not only enhances the staining resistance of your carpet but also works with solvent-dyed carpets.

Swinton Building Services Repel Protectant collaborates with all types of carpets by placing a protective shield around each fiber of the carpet. This liquid carpet solution gives no stain the chance to adjust. It repels most major regular stains, leaving you a unique opportunity for you to clean the spoil on your own before it sticks or sinks into the carpet fiber.

Swinton Building Services Wool-Protectant being water-based is specially developed to improve the dirt-repellent qualities of wool rugs and carpets. It helps to defend against most common liquid spillages in their tracks.

Did anyone in your house suffer from allergies or asthma, so are you worried about allergens and air quality?

 Carpets are beneficial as a large filter absorb and collect common allergens and germs.

But, just like an air filter, carpets become full in the course of time and must be properly cleaned to remain most effective in catching particles as they settle out of the air.

Swinton Building Services has been proven to remove an average of 98.1% of the common allergens from the carpets and upholstery we clean.

And when a disinfectant is added 89% of the bacteria were removed from the air and 82.3% of bacteria from deep inside your carpets, making your carpets and air quality clean and healthy and your business safer.

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