Floor Cleaning and Surface Maintenance Services

Every business needs pristine floors to properly promote their brand image, attract new customers and clients and maintain a healthy and clean work environment.

Even professional offices, medical offices, schools, daycare's, and other business buildings routinely need regular floor cleaning care to help minimize wear and tear, reduce damage and ideally eliminate expensive floor repair or replacement.

Especially facilities that experience high traffic wear on their floors have an even greater need for schedule, professional floor cleaning and maintenance.

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Not all hard floor care companies are equal ...

Surprisingly, not every flooring company is properly trained qualified in this area. Proper hard floor care methods such as strip and refinish (strip and wax), scrub and re-coat, burnishing, scrub and recover requires professional training and expertise. Hiring a qualified company is essential, otherwise, you could be looking at replacing your entire floor.

Hard Floors require regular cleaning and ongoing maintenance ...

Facilities that experience high traffic wear on their floors have an even greater need for scheduled floor cleaning and maintenance. The finish on hard floors can wear down very quickly and remove any protective coating and dull the look of your floors. Over time your hard floors experience spills and scratches from boxes, chairs and equipment being dragged across them. Hand trucks, dollies, carts and wheelchairs wear down the actual raw surface if its not protected leading to costly repair or replacement.

hardwood floor in fitness facility
clean marble floors

There are currently many various types of flooring used commercially. We can handle them all!

Floors we specialize in include: Resilient Floors, Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT), Sheet Vinyl, Stone Variations, Marble, Granite, Travertine, Slate, Terrazzo, Wood - Solid, Parquet, Laminate and Engineered, Concrete, and Ceramic Tile.

All these surface require unique and varied care. Don't trust these assets to just anyone.

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