Window Cleaning Services Edmonton AB |Window Cleaning Edmonton | 780-933-2799

Window Cleaning Services Edmonton AB |Window Cleaning Edmonton | 780-933-2799

                                                     Window Cleaning Services Edmonton AB |Window Cleaning Edmonton | 780-933-2799

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Maintaining Clean windows are critical. Being able to maintain a flawless picture in public is even more crucial - especially if you have a commercial or institutional facility that has a good reputation. As a commercial window cleaning company, we can evaluate and deliver solutions that deliver the most cost-effective and spectacular results regardless of the type of your building. Some of the methods we use are:


Window Cleaning Water Fed Poles

Our window cleaners success with water-filled poles. These systems use pure water. Clean water draws dirt from the window as it tries to return to an unclean condition. It keeps the dirt from the window in the water. The window cleaning process is then completed with a rinse aid from the water supply rods, which make the glass clean, sterile and without any detergent residues.

Swinton Building Services selects devices based on their effectiveness and high cleaning standards to ensure that our customers receive the best cleaning results in their offices or premises while reducing the waste of natural resources by using the best natural green cleaners


We maintain shopping centers and commercial buildings in Edmonton, which helps you get a polished look to give your customers a good first impression. Regardless of your budget, we can compile a program for you. We offer cleaning products ranging from a week to year, which tailors our services to the needs of your business. Swinton Building Services has been running the window cleaning industry for over 28 years with a first security program to ensure the protection of our customers and cleaners. We also offer the peace of mind that licensed, bound and insured cleaners will maintain the appearance of your business.

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Commercial Cleaning Services in Edmonton:

Are found in all of the following areas.

Shopping Malls, Strips and Stores, Junior Schools and Colleges & Uni's, Large Bank Branches and Commercial Offices, Old Peoples Nursing Homes, Churches and Busy Restaurants

Why do we stand above the other Commercial Cleaning Services Companies?

All of our skilled crews are security checked, and give an A1 cleaning approach including our superior “360 cleaning system.” This will give you your satisfaction guaranteed as standard. We follow a strict Hiring processes and selection and we guarantee you It is our staff who perform all Commercial Cleaning Services

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For further information on our specialist cleaning services including Office Cleaning, Retail Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning Services, Restaurant Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, Green Cleaning, Construction Cleaning, Carpet Care, Floor Care and Window Cleaning Services in Edmonton AB.

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